Give Every Penny a Job

Watch the Pennies the Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves

Mission & Vision


To show up strong in support of increasing community members’ knowledge surrounding financial capabilities through financial education.


Meet every community member where they are at on their journey to gaining financial well-being and give them the tools and resources to move the needle towards building generational wealth.

About me

I Tonia B. walked my own walk in conquering debt and wealth building. Today, I’m an award winning financial educator with a business designed to minimize the shame and stigma associated with personal debt and increase community members access to financial tools and resources to build wealth.

Specializing in

Increasing low-to-moderate income community members access to the fundamentals of financial literacy to gain effective money management skills, sound financial decision making, improve social capital and boost economic empowerment

Financial Education Workshop


Financial Coaching Session

Leveraging each session with a framework as it relates to a robust synopsis of your:

Financial Goal Setting

Net Worth

Personal Balance Sheet

Spending Log

Cash Flow Analysis

Financial Ratios

We offer services to nonprofit organizations, for profit businesses, educational settings, schools and faith
based organizations. Presentations can be custom made to fit your group.

Recent projects

SLAP Financial Consulting, LLC is designed to impact lives in support of youth (15-24) and working families in St. Paul & Minneapolis that are motivated to cultivate financial capabilities, create lasting financial wellness, build generational wealth and grow social capital.

People are saying


Since attending one of Tonia's 4-Cornerstones to Financial Literacy workshops I have made it my
business to be a sponge anytime I hear her speak in her financial language! She has a gifted ability to
take very complicated financial concepts and strategies and present them in a way that empowers you
to take action! Her passion for this subject and compassion for her community is commendable! I
implore you to seek after her services; it makes cents!

Tynaia Pittman

Tonia is not only in her element, she is also in her lane and she can help anyone get into their financial lane.

When I think of Tonia Brinston; I think financial potential. Her unique financial overcoming story inspires those who are in similar situations, she gets its. She understands and empathizes yet can challenge self-limiting financial self-sabotaging beliefs.

When I think of Tonia Brinston; I think financial possibility. She has the heart for bridging the economic gap in the Twin Cities. Yet, it is her knowledge, authentic communication style, genuine desire to assist others that shines through in her presentations. She inspires others to see their own financial possibility, provides tools and resources to map out the goals they desire while simultaneously reminding them along the way you are worthy.

In my career, I help others meet their goals and transform their lives but was not reaching for my own transformation. Tonia helped me look at the big picture of my life and evolve. In doing so, I reconnected to my financial goals and eventually purchased a home, during COVID.

Tonia flawlessly aligns her purpose, talents, and passion for the financial wellbeing of others and is driven to build a wealth of knowledge for ADOS and underserved populations.


Suzanne Bengtson

Tonia Brinston is an outstanding example of Servant Leadership! The knowledge and value she brings to the space of financial education and literacy is nothing short of phenomenal. She is a subject matter expert, and has a powerful and prolific communication style that creates a welcoming and trusting environment for her audience.

I have the honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Exodus Lending with Tonia.  She is authentic and brings her best self to every encounter which fosters an atmosphere for others to do the same. She is a dynamic leader and true gem to the Twin Cities, specifically the underserved. I have witnessed Tonia's positive impact, and this is only the beginning for her!


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